"Objects in the Mirror
are Closer Than They Appear"

Night's splendours on vast, obsidian seas,
distant, flickering and so far away-
The hearth-light draws me with its warmth
to my home beyond this cage of clay.

Like a wayward moth, drawn to the flame,
I rise and soar to greet Her light
and beg the winds add to my loft,
yea, tho' She is beyond my flight.

For I grow weary from the strain
of spanning distance- time and space
with wings that have been clipped and bound
to fall into your jewelled embrace-

To lift your veils, a thousand-fold,
I must be free to soar as high,
to reach your lips and catch your tears
and see your form personify......

...the dance, must for a moment, cease
and every star fall from the sky,
each ember, a facet of your form-
consumes me where I lie.

A Diamond in a Cage of Shadows

Speak to me
with your voice
that has no sound-
Tho' your words move mountains
they do not disturb the silence-
They do not penetrate the conscious mind.
Your tales
are woven into dreams-
capturing sleepers
in webs of shadow-
entangling them
forever tethered in your thoughts-
interlaced within your rapture-
a prisoner of destiny-
A diamond in a cage of shadows.
Hear me
with your ears
that are deaf to spoken tongues.
You understand
only the language of the soul-
the speech of the heart-
the sound of emotion
is like music
in your hollow ears.

See me
with your eyes
that have no sight.
Yet within their deepest black
lie the visions
of all time-
and of all places.
For they are like
two black vortexes
drawing all life and light into them.
Slowly emptying the universe
and filling up your vision
until everything
is contained within them.
Your tears of light-
the afterglow
of what has been.

Touch me
with your hands
that have no form.
Yet your arms lift millions from their worlds-
and your wings
create a billowing
that raises seas
to swallow worlds.

Kiss me
with your lips
that cannot taste the sweetness of my love-
and I will kiss you back
so that you might know the flavour of that desire.
I am your empath-
to feel and express
what you cannot
and to touch others
with your melancholy,
We are so old-
so solitary-
so wrapt in twilight ecstasy
that few can see our tears.
They are like diamonds
in a cage of shadows.
You cannot look upon them
without being contained in their reflection.

A Silent Sound;
(Eros Writes of Thanatos)

A silent sound
is the one my lover makes
when He comes alive.
A yearning expressed
but not heard
falls from His image
in tears that dissipate into fragile light.
His touch is like an electric wind
charging the edges of my soul.
His kiss is a breathless cold
that inhales life
and exhales the perfume of the crypt.
I am the living part of Death,
a delicate balancing of two worlds.
A precarious entity
with a foothold in many dimensions
and a wingspan that stretches
from shore to shore.

A silent sound
is all that most will hear
of our cry.
An uneasiness
will be the only remnant of our madness.
The only evidence of our love
be found in trails of nightmare
few will chase.
My lover is a gentle fury
who embraces with a storm
and slays souls with a touch of His hand
that pierces like a lightning bolt!
His truth is absolute.
His kiss, irrevocable.

A silent sound speaks
of a love expressed
so beyond human understanding
it cannot be heard.
So difficult a language
that it cannot be translated.
So veiled in melancholy
that it cannot be recognized
by any but the Great Spirit
and certain guardians of the Gates.
I am the living part of Death,
and though I haven't His power,
I do have His understanding-
and sometimes...His vision
And I can hear the sound
that falls from silent lips,
and I answer with a kiss.

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