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by Daniel Kemp

01 - Invocation
02 - (Twilight) Night Rise
03 - Starlight
04 - Spirits
05 - Lost (In Open Arms)
06 - Voice
07 - Ascent
08 - Unveiling (A Body Clothed With Stars)
09 - Love
10 - Love (Returning)
11 - Amongst The Stars
12 - Descent
13 - Unfolding Within
14 - Shadows Fall (Fare Thee Well)
15 - Nights Ending
16 - Oracle

Running Time 57:29

The links above are to some sample songs from the CD.

Through the music on the CD I am attempting to tell the story of a very large part of my early life, but musically within the space of one night. My meeting "the Lady" when I was young and some of the experiences then and thereafter.

It is meant, also, as a musical companion to The Book of Night.

All of the pieces were recorded April to August, 2004. Some pieces are like ambient soundscapes, some pieces are more classical flavoured. It is my hope that there will be something to like for just about everyone.

I hope to start work on a second CD in the future. If there are any female vocalists who would be interested in doing some spoken word pieces of some of "the Lady" voice pieces from The Book of Night, please contact me.

Bonne Nuit


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Amorte! & Bonne Nuit


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